Collaborate. Innovate. Design. Partner.

Ambay Software are a UK-based software development company.
We provide customers with innovative web and mobile app solutions designed to scale and integrate across the customer experience.
We partner with leading software platforms from Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft to provide robust scalable and available solutions.

We deliver excellent client and customer support working in partnership within organisations and direct with legal sector individual customers.

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Ready and Responsive

Your customers demand responsive web services which look great upon mobile, tablet and high-resolution display. They expect 24x7 availability with resilience as you grow. We can help you select the right resources to make that happen.

Mobile Apps

We deliver mobile apps upon all mobile platforms. We leverage technologies from Amazon, Google and Microsoft into your mobile solution on Apple iOS, Google Android & Chrome and Microsoft Windows.

bespoke development consultancy

Bespoke and Consultancy

We do business process management, document imaging & index, bespoke third-party application integration and strategy audit. Get in touch.

Legal, Current, Ready for Court.

How we keep 10,000 Magistrates, Judges & Solicitors up-to-date.

Happy Clients

Our reputation for responsive customer service is really important to us.
We can only achieve this by partnering with proven quality partners whose technology delivers robust service.
These are our technology partners: