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Legal References

Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines, Definitive Guidelines, Crown Court, Court Bench Books. Facility to include own legal references & client matters to App.

Favourites & Flagged

Bookmark offence guidelines, references & guidance for quick access in court.

Court Utilities

Fines calculators, adjournments, disqualification & drink drive rehabilitation course dates calculation.


Find all references to a subject from searchable index; available offline. Favourite items from search results.

Advocate App includes the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines issued by The Sentencing Council. This is provided in two existing formats with the Adoble PDF format and HTML web-based pages. Includes all of the Definitive Guidelines for Magistrates' Court, Crown Court & Sexual Offences. All judicial references can be accessed via offence index with offline search function. Any legal reference can be bookmarked as a favourite for quick reference in Court.

Comprehensive legal guidance and documentation from the Judicial College including Adult, Family, Youth & Crown Court Bench Books.

(Available with an active subscription) CPS Legal Guidance is the definitive reference for Court Legal Advisors at Magistrates and Crown Court. This searchable index provides an offline index to this legal guidance. Items from CPS Legal Guidance can be bookmarked for quick reference in Court.

Fines calculator for Fine Bands A to F including e.g.p. or percentage discount from guilty plea; court costs; victim surcharge & compensation. Adjustable fine percentage for mitigation or aggravated fines. Overweight vehicles fine calculator supporting driver, owner, company; gross vehicle weight & multiple axle calculation.

Date calculation for short disqualification, drink driver disqualification & rehabilitation course dates including course completed by and last day of reduced disqualification dates.

Offline contact details and locations for all Courts & Tribunals in Engand and Wales. Links to Google Maps which does require an internet connection for live map view. Support for iPad & iPhone devices.